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Embedded Systems Education Center


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  • 3D Visualization and Graphics Programming This is a group for computer science professionals to exchange knowledge and information about interesting technologies and concepts within the areas 3D Visualization and Graphics Programming.
  • Arabic Language Programming Language Computer scientist Ramsey Nasser has developed the first programming language that uses Arabic script for its source code. The language is roughly pronounced "alb," after the Arabic word for "heart".
  • Embedded The Embedded Group includes suppliers of embedded solutions and product developers who use them. The Embedded Group provides a catalog of embedded solutions and a knowledge base for those integrating embedded solutions.
  • Avionics Design Group centered on design, development, verification, validation, qual, test, manufacturing, etc. of Avionics -- displays, radar, TCAS, EGPWS, FMS, IHAS, DO-160, DO-254, Auto-Pilot, NAV / COM , ARINC, GAMA, RTCA, Etc.
  • iOS Developers Group To help iPhone, iPod and iPad developers share information on iPhone development issues.

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